The Art of Making Hand-block Batik

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When someone says batik, we imagine it in the from of “mencanting”, but did you know, there are various methods of batik making? The method we have chosen to work with is called Batik Cap or Hand-Block Batik.

A method that requires intricate details and skills. To get the rhythmic pattern is rather tricky despite it looking easy as stamping the block onto the fabric. It is a skill on its own and not many batik artisans still practice the method as it is a very tedious method. However, the outcome of the process can create an outstanding piece. The batik block designers and makers are artisans themselves.

The process of creating the batik goes as the measured-out fabric is spreaded out on to a table and a wax pot by the artisans’ side. They will repeatedly dip the metal block on to the fabric numerous times until the entire fabric is covered in the desired pattern. Only then the cloth will be soaked in dye, the colour will soak faster in the area that hasn’t been dyed. After the wax has been removed, only the original colour will be visible.

As easy it may sound, it requires much skill to know where to place the metal block and to know where to end the pattern. Here at The Sarong Malaysia, we respect and admire our Batik Artisans. It is truly a rare form of talent, skill and art that they acquired after years of practice. We wish to showcase their talent into each piece we produce to be worn proudly as batik is a form of art, close to the hearts of all Malaysians.