The Sarong Malaysia is a new clothing brand established in 2017, based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, where our core business is to design, produce, supply and sell Batik shirts for Men.

The Sarong Malaysia has a clear vision to keep our Malaysian Handmade Batik heritage up-to-date and relevant for today and the future generation. We believe that our Malaysian Batik has its own uniqueness and features that today’s generation must preserve and embrace.

With its own characters, motif and patterns that have been brought by our traditional culture, we also believe our Malaysian Handmade Batik always has its place in this modern-day fashion lifestyle. 

With our designing creativity, we have changed the nature of Malaysian Batik. It has always been easier to find batik for ladies in the forms of formal wear & casual, but we have created just the piece for all gentlemen as well. Keeping it fashionable for formal & casual wear.

With enthusiasm and passion along with the continued support we have from all Batik Devotees, our Malaysian Batik evolution starts from here.

Thank you very much for supporting us!